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Tantaloy metal wire NRC 91 (Tantalloy, 92.5%/7.5% Ta/W, Ta-7.5W)

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Product Description

Material :   TANTALOY "61" METAL wire (NRC® 91 Metal wire or NRC® Spring Wire 91 , Tantalum spring wire)
Tantaloy 61 Metal is a tantalum alloy (tantalum-tungsten alloy) of high density, it is machinable, can be formed within limits in the annealed condition, and can be resistance welded to itself or joined to nickel, platinum, tantalum and titanium by several conventional welding processes.  Tantaloy "61" Metal wire is made by powder metallurgy, the fine particle size of high tantalum powders and pure tungsten powders are blended to get tantalum alloy powder (nominal composition 92.5% Tantalum and 7.5% Tungsten), these tantalum alloy powders will be formed the sintered tantalum alloys bar through process, by the means of eletronic beam melting into tantalum 7.5% tungsten rod or Ta-7.5W rod, then cold-drawn into tantalum alloy spring wire or chlorinator spring wire with spring temper, which was developed for use as a spring material or for other elastic parts which must operate under chlorinating or severe acid conditions, so this tantalum alloy wire is the most ideal material to manufacture tantalum alloy springs used in corrosive environments contributing to its unique features(Both RoHS compliant and the following ROHS):

  • Remarkable dimensional stability even when thermally cycled to 2400 °F(1315 °C) in vacuum. 
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance to chlorine, bromine and inorganic acids (except for HF - hydrofluoric acid); 
  • High strength and " springiness" or excellent resilience which are retained at high temperatures under vacuum; 
  • Superior toughness + stiffness, high-temperature mechanical properties and high density.

Its combination of mechanical and anti-corrosion properties has led to extensive use for chlorinator valve springs such as Tantalloy Check valve spring, Tantaloy Spring Compression, Tantalloy Spring Ejector, Tantaloy Ejector check valve spring, Tantalum Spring Inlet, Tantaloy Main regulating spring, Tantalloy Regulating valve spring, Tantalloy Regulator valve spring, Tantalloy Regulator adjusting spring, Tantaloy Spring Relief, Tantalloy Pressure spring-relief, Tantaloy Ejector Spring, etc., in the chlorinator injector / chlorine injection system for water and wasterwater(the chlorination system for the disinfection of water & wastewater) treatment industry.

Traditionally, FANSTEEL 61 METAL (High-Strength Corrosion-Resistant Refractory Alloy)  is a high-density, high-strength alloy developed for use as a tantaloy spring or tantalum alloy (tantalloy) spring material or for other elastic components that must operate under chlorinating or severe acid conditions, tantalloy wire (Spring temper) is also stronger and more resilient than that tantalum wire and hastelloy wire. FANSTEEL 61 METAL was originated from Fansteel Inc., was located 1 Tantalum Pl, North Chicago, Illinois (IL), 60064, US and registered trademark of Fansteel, Inc.

TANTALOY 61 METAL has the nominal composition,Tantalum 92.5%,Tungsten 7.0-8.0% and other chemical compositions
Carbon    (C)        0.0100%max
Oxygen    (O)       0.0250%max
Nitrogen   (N)       0.0100%max
Hydrogen (H)       0.0010%max
(please e-mail for quote in details)
Size available: Diameter 0.33mm up to 6.0mm x coils (at random length). 
Typical Sizes: 

TANTALOY "61" METAL wire ACC. TO ASM Ta-6  or NRC Spring Wire 91 Unit Weight
                  Size in Inch                         Size in MM       KG/M
SIZE:  ø .013" (±.00075") x LENGTH ø0.3300MM(±0.019) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.001439
SIZE:  ø .020" (±.0075") x LENGTH ø0.5000MM(±0.019) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.003405
SIZE:  ø .025" (±.00075") x LENGTH ø0.6350MM(±0.019) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.005320
SIZE:  ø .032" (±.0010")  x LENGTH ø0.8128MM(±0.025) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.008717
SIZE:  ø .033" (±.0010")  x LENGTH ø0.8382MM(±0.025) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.009270
SIZE:  ø .037" (±.0010")  x LENGTH ø0.9398MM(±0.025) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.011654
SIZE:  ø .040" (±.0010")  x LENGTH ø1.0000MM(±0.025) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.013195
SIZE:  ø .045" (±.0010")  x LENGTH ø1.1430MM(±0.025) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.017238
SIZE:  ø .046" (±.0010")  x LENGTH ø1.1684MM(±0.025) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.018013
SIZE:  ø .048" (±.0010")  x LENGTH ø1.2192MM(±0.025) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.019613
SIZE:  ø .059" (±.0010") x LENGTH ø1.5000M(±0.025) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.029688
SIZE:  ø .062" (±.0015") x LENGTH ø1.5748M(±0.038) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.032723
SIZE:  ø .0625" (±.0015") x LENGTH ø1.5875M(±0.038) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.033253
SIZE:  ø .063" (±.0015") x LENGTH ø1.6000M(±0.038) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.033778
SIZE:  ø .064" (±.0015") x LENGTH ø1.6256MM(±0.038) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.034868
SIZE:  ø .078" (±.0015") x LENGTH ø1.9812M(±0.038) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.051791
SIZE:  ø .093" (±.0020")x LENGTH ø2.3600M(±0.051) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.073626
SIZE:  ø .0945" (±.0020")x LENGTH ø2.4000M(±0.051) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.076001
SIZE:  ø .010" (±.0020")x LENGTH ø2.5000M(±0.051) X LENGTH IN COILS 0.082467

Typical Application : Tantaloy (tantalloy or tantalum spring wire) is usually used to make tantalum alloy springs(tantalloy spring or tantalum spring) such as a lifetime warranteed main regulating spring in the vacuum regulator, tantallum alloy inlet valve springs and ejector spring in chlorine control valve of gas chlorinator for the water and wastewater treatment industry. its combination of mechanical and anti-corrosion properties has led to extensive use for chlorinator valve springs, or spring applied in a new marine sensor equipment and systems.

Trade name:Tantalloy( 92.5/7.5 Ta/W ), Ta-7.5W (92.5%Tantalum, 7.5% tungsten) wire, Tantalum 7.5% tungsten alloy wire, Tantallum Alloy wire(tantalum-tungsten alloy), Ta7.5W, Ta-7.5W alloy, FANSTEEL 61 METAL wire, Ta-W 92.5/7.5 wt% , NRC91 Tantalum/Tungsten (7%) wire, NRC SPRING WIRE 91 , tantalum spring wire, TaW7.5 alloy wire, Tantallum alloy wire, NRC91 spring wire, Tantalum Wire NRC91 92.5% Tant 7.5%, Tantal 7,5 % Wolfram, Tantal 7.5 % Wolfram, Tantal 7,5 Wolfram alloy, Tantalum/tungsten 92.5/7.5 , Tantalloy 91, Tantalum alloy spring wire, tantalum springs wire, gas chlorinators spring wire, gas chlorinator spring wire, tantalum alloys, tantalum-tungsten alloy, Tantal 7,5 Wolfram, Tantal 7,5 % Wolfram, Tantalum-Tungsten wire TaW7.5, TaW7.5 wire, Ta-92.5/W-7.5 %wt , Ta-92.5/W-7.5  %wt, Ta-W, Ta 7.5% W wire,  92.5 Ta 7.5 W alloy wire, tantalum 7,5 Tungsten wire, NRC 91 Metal wire, NRC 91 spring wire, Low Vacuum Spring wire, High Vacuum Spring wire, Relief spring wire, Inlet Spring wire, Ejector Spring wire, Compression Spring wire, Loss of Vacuum Switch Spring wire, Alarm Switch Spring Pin wire, etc.,

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