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Tantaloy Relief Spring for Gas Chlorinators

Model No.︰TaW-NRC91-S-100
Brand Name︰jxmetals
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description

Tantaloy relief springs are usually used in chlorinators and chlorine feeders, made of NRC® 91 Metal wire, are primarily used in gas chlorinator (chlorination system or chlorine gas feeder), its H.S. code 8421 99 90 00 or 8421 99 00 91 of filtering or purifying machinery and apparatus for liquids or gases, it is available for tantalloy inlet spring, tantalloy relief spring, tantalloy ejector spring, tantalloy compression spring, tantalloy ejector check valve spring, Vacuum regulator inlet spring, safety valve spring, etc., for their superior tensile and yield strengths and torsion modulus. These properties are retained at high temperatures in vacuum. Furthermore, this tantalum alloy has good dimensional stability even after repeated thermal cycles to 2400°F(1315 °C)  in vacuum. This tantalum alloy maintains tantalum's excellent corrosion resistance to halogens and acids, even hydrofluoric acid. 

We can custom tantaloy springs according to the spring data, such as

  • Material ;      
  • Wire Diameter;    
  • Outside Diameter;    
  • Mean Diameter;   
  • Inside Diameter;   
  • Free Length;    
  • Effective No. Coils or Active Turns;  
  • Total No. Coils or Full Turns;  
  • Working Length;   
  • Working force;    
  • Modulus of Torsion(Alternative);   
  • Ends square and ground;   

on request or according to the customer's drawings or blueprint.

Tantaloy relief spring is made of tantaloy "61" metal wire, NRC91(92.5%/7.5% Ta/W) tantalloy wire, which can provide a lifetime warranteed service, the NRC91 tantalloy springs can fully meet the requirements of gas chlorinators for the water and wastewater (the chlorination for the disinfection of water & wastewater) treatment industry contributing to its unique features(Both RoHS compliant and the following ROHS):

  • Remarkable dimensional stability even when thermally cycled to 2400 °F(1315 °C) in vacuum. 
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance to chlorine, bromine and inorganic acids (except for HF - hydrofluoric acid); 
  • High strength and " springiness" or excellent resilience which are retained at high temperatures under vacuum; 
  • Superior toughness + stiffness, high-temperature mechanical properties and high density.

Trade name: Tantalloy( 92.5/7.5 Ta/W ) spring, Ta-7.5W (92.5%Tantalum spring, 7.5% tungsten) wire spring, Tantalum 7.5% tungsten alloy wire spring, Tantallum Alloy wire(tantalum-tungsten alloy) spring, Ta7.5W spring, Ta-7.5W alloy spring, FANSTEEL 61 METAL wire spring, Ta-W 92.5/7.5 wt% spring, NRC91 Tantalum/Tungsten (7%) wire spring, NRC SPRING WIRE 91 spring, tantalum spring wire, TaW7.5 alloy wire spring, Tantallum alloy wire spring, NRC91 spring wire, Tantalum Wire NRC91 92.5% Tant 7.5% spring, Tantal 7,5 % Wolfram spring, Tantal 7.5 % Wolfram spring, Tantal 7,5 Wolfram alloy spring, Tantalum/tungsten 92.5/7.5 spring, Tantalloy 91 spring, Tantalum alloy spring wire, tantalum springs wire, gas chlorinators spring wire, gas chlorinator spring wire, tantalum alloys spring, tantalum-tungsten alloy spring, Tantal 7,5 Wolfram spring, Tantal 7,5 % Wolfram spring, Tantalum-Tungsten wire TaW7.5 spring, TaW7.5 wire spring, Ta-92.5/W-7.5 %wt spring, Ta-92.5/W-7.5  %wt spring, Ta-W spring, Ta 7.5% W wire spring,  92.5 Ta 7.5 W alloy wire spring, tantalum 7,5 Tungsten wire spring, tantalum spring, tantalum springs, tantalum compression spring indicator, tantalum compression spring regulator, ball check valve tantal spring, tantal springs, tantalium spring, tantalium springs, chlorinator replacement springs, spare parts for chlorinators, spare part of chlorinator, spare parts kit for vacuum chlorinator, Accessories of chlorinators, chlorinator parts, chlorinator spare parts, chlorinator accessories, chlorinator repair kits, tantalum repair kits. tantalum compression spring, tantalum torsion spring, tantalum tension spring, tantalum clamps, tantalum clamp, tantalum wire form, tantalum torsional spring, tantalum metal stamp, tantalum stamping part, tantalum wire spring, tantalum punched part, tantalum irregular spring, tantalum wire forming product, chlorinator valve springs, Tantalloy Check valve spring, Tantaloy Spring Compression, Tantalloy Spring Ejector, Tantaloy Ejector check valve spring, Tantalum Spring Inlet, Tantaloy Main regulating spring, Tantalloy Regulating valve spring, Tantalloy Regulator valve spring, Tantalloy Regulator adjusting spring, Tantaloy Spring Relief, Tantalloy Pressure spring-relief, Tantaloy Ejector Spring, Low Vacuum Spring, High Vacuum Spring, Relief spring, Inlet Spring, Ejector Spring, Compression Spring, Loss of Vacuum Switch Spring, Alarm Switch Spring Pin, chlorinator injector, chlorine injection system for water and wasterwater, chlorination system for the disinfection of water & wastewater treatment industry, etc.,

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