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3/8"x4"Firesteel -Army model -Fire Steel-Firesteels Flint steel Firestriker

  • 3/8"x4"Firesteel -Army model -Fire Steel-Firesteels Flint steel Firestriker
  • 3/8"x4"Firesteel -Army model -Fire Steel-Firesteels Flint steel Firestriker
  • 3/8"x4"Firesteel -Army model -Fire Steel-Firesteels Flint steel Firestriker
Model No.︰FS952101H
Brand Name︰jxmetals
Minimum Order︰60 pc
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Product Description

This is our new & simple designed FireSteel, which conforms to " Simple is Beautiful " and environmentally-friendly fire starter with the more economic cost than tradtional Swedish FireSteel. Try it right now to strike the flint with our specially designed Super Alloy Scraper Blade having 4-striking edges to produce a shower of hot sparks.....

                 FerroCerium Firesteel Fire Starter   Unit Weight Unit Weight
Model No. Size in MM Size in INCH MOQ(PCS) G/PC OZ/PC
FS476508H  Ø4.76 x 50.8MM 3/16" x 2" 200 12.99 0.46
FS476635H  Ø4.76 x 63.5MM 3/16" x 2 1/2" 280 14.46 0.51
FS476762H Ø4.76 x 76.2MM 3/16" x 3" 320 15.93 0.56
FS508508H Ø5.08 x 50.8MM 1/5" x 2" 300 13.82 0.49
FS508635H  Ø5.08 x 63.5MM 1/5" x 2 1/2" 335 15.49 0.55
FS508762H  Ø5.08 x 76.2MM 1/5" x 3" 285 17.17 0.61
FS600600H   Ø6 x 60MM 0.236" x 2.37" 250 18.21 0.64
FS600100H  Ø6 x 100MM 0.236" x 4" 150 25.56 0.90
FS635508H   Ø6.35 x 50.8MM 1/4" x 2 " 270 17.66 0.62
FS635635H Ø6.35 x 63.5MM 1/4" x 2 1/2" 215 20.28 0.72
FS635762H Ø6.35 x 76.2MM 1/4" x 3" 180 22.89 0.81
FS635101H  Ø6.35 x 101.6MM 1/4" x 4" 135 28.12 0.99
FS800600H Ø8 x 60MM 5/16" x 2.37" 145 26.93 0.95
FS800800H Ø8 x 80MM 5/16" x 3.15" 107 33.46 1.18
FS800100H   Ø8 x 100MM 5/16" x 4" 85 39.99 1.41
FS900800H Ø9 x 80MM 0.354" x 3.15" 85 40.50 1.43
FS952508H Ø9.52 x 50.8MM 3/8" x 2" 120 30.97 1.09
FS952635H  Ø9.52 x 63.5MM 3/8" x 2 1/2" 95 36.84 1.30
FS952762H   Ø9.52 x 76.2MM 3/8" x 3" 80 42.72 1.51
FS952101H Ø9.52 x 101.6MM 3/8" x 4" 60 54.47 1.92
FS952127H  Ø9.52 x 127MM 3/8" x 5" 48 66.22 2.34
FS952152H  Ø9.52 x 152.4MM 3/8" x 6" 40 77.97 2.75
FS100100H Ø10 x 100MM 2/5" x 4" 55 58.56 2.07
FS110800H Ø11 x 80MM 0.433" x 3.15" 60 57.04 2.01
FS127508H Ø12.7 x 50.8MM 1/2" x 2" 70 49.65 1.75
FS127635H Ø12.7 x 63.5MM 1/2" x 2 1/2" 55 60.11 2.12
FS127762H Ø12.7 x 76.2MM 1/2" x 3" 45 70.57 2.49
FS127101H  Ø12.7 x 101.6MM 1/2" x 4" 35 91.48 3.23
FS127127H Ø12.7 x 127MM 1/2" x 5" 27 112.40 3.96
FS127152H Ø12.7 x 152.4MM 1/2" x 6" 23 133.31 4.70
FS127304H  Ø12.7 x 304.8MM 1/2" x 12" 10 258.80 9.13
FS140110H Ø14 x 110MM 0.55" x 4.33" 35 118.07 4.16
FS180130H    Ø18 x 130MM 0.7" x 5.1" 30 223.68 7.89
FS190304H Ø19.05 x 304.8MM 3/4" x 12" 10 543.57 19.17
FS200152H Ø20 x 152.40MM 0.7874" x 6" 13 320.25 11.30

Firesteel (Fire & Steel) was originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defence for military use, the Swedish FireSteel was developed by Lars Fält, survival expert with the Swedish Army and is considered to be the best you can have. The Swedish FireSteel is available in two sizes such as the Scout model (smaller size) or the Army model(larger size), Waterproof, simple to use, lightweight and compact. Good for 3000 up to 12,000 strikes (approx).

This FireSteel is consisted of Ferrocerium rod and FireSteel Super Alloy Scraper Blade. Its spark makes fire building easy in any weather, at any altitude. Used by a number of scouters around the world, its dependability has already made it a favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers.

We are specialized in customizing & design various diameters and forms of striking flints for fire starter and sparking entertainment, our processing facilities can produce very complicated shapes of Flints according to customer's blueprints.

Ferrocerium Rod (so often called ferro rod), the small, simple, waterproof outdoor survival kit, one of the outdoor equipment or outdoor gear. A ferro rod is not a natural material and isn't flint (although you will often see a ferro rod called a firesteel, metal match or flint and steel - even though this is a completely different thing!).  A ferro rod is a complex blend of 20 different metals alloyed together then extrude into various diameter of rod.  Ferro rods are a complex blend -with consist of approximately 20% iron content- this is where the ferro part of the word ferrocerium comes from - (Fe), with trace amounts of other metallic elements such as zinc (Zn), magnesium (Mg), cerium - this is where the cerium part of the word ferrocerium comes from - (Ce), lanthanum (La), neodymium (Nd) along with minute traces amounts of other rare earth metal elements.

Ferrocerium rod is made from Iron, Magnesium and mostly of an alloy of rare earth metals called mischmetal with an excellent pyrophoric percentage :  98%min.
The required chemical composition:   
Mischmetal              76%MIN.
Fe (Ferro or Iron)     18 ~ 21%
Mg ( Magnesium )    1.5 ~ 2.5%
Hardness :               90 ~ 170 HB
Surface   : black lacquer coated, natural grey, colored
Size available : 3/8" (9.525mm) Diameter  x  5mm up to 1000mm Length.

Application : To be able to make fire has always been one of the corner stones of survival, firesteel is the corner stone of making fire or building camping fire, ferrocerium flint rod blank is the corner of stone of firesteel(flint and steel, fire steel), producing a shower of hot sparks is the corner stone of ferrocerium flint rod. It is used as the firestarters or fire starter in scouting and camping, sparking entertainment, clockwork toys, strikers for welding torches, etc., it is the best compact firestarter we can easily use, plus its dependability,made it a favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers. It works equally well when wet or dry. Swedish Fire Steel has even found its way into cabins and backyards as a fool-proof way to light stoves and gas-barbecues.

Operation : You can get a bare rod or ferrocerium blanks and roll some tape on as a handle, that will give you twice as much ferro to work with and may save a little room as well. You simply pull your knife blade or striker slowly and firmly down the length of the ferrocerium rod, and sparks easily ignite a stove, barbecue, paper, dry grass bark, tinder, this iron rod is water resistant, and its 3000°C spark works well even when conditions are wet, cold, and less than optimal. this ferro cerium flint fire starter is a favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen, backpackers, campers and boy scouts, etc.,  Also the ferrocerium rod can be inserted into one side of Magnesium block to build a Magnesium Ferrocerium Firestarter, etc.,
When the rod is scraped with a steel edge or the spine of a knife, particles or shavings are scraped off and ignited by the friction giving a shower of hot sparks.  These burning particles can, in turn, ignite your tinder, the best tinders for ferro rod include:

  • Cotton wool (preferably soaked in Vaseline)
  • Birch bark
  • Pine Fatwood chips/dust (also known as Maya wood sticks or rods)
  • Char cloth
  • Tinder fungus
  • Wire wool
  • Dried grasses/natural fibers/natural fluff material (for example, Old Man's Beard)
  • Paper
  • Magnesium shavings, magnesium chips, magnesium powder (you can get a ferro rod                                                    embedded in a magnesium block which makes a spectacular high-temperature flash fire!).

Some find that the hard part to using a ferro rod is not generating the sparks, but getting them to land on the tinder and not go all over the place (watch out when using a ferro rod around synthetic materials such as waterproof jackets, tents of basha sheets - the sparks can easily burn holes through these materials).  The best way to get the sparks to land in the right place and minimize the sparks that land in the wrong place, have plenty of tinder and make a nest for the ferro rod.  Place the tip of the rod in the middle of the tinder and scrape the metal edge down firmly along the rod. If you have less tinder, do the same and make a smaller nest of the tinder and place the tip of the rod in the middle of it.  However, this time, instead of moving the scraper down the rod, pull the rod up against the scraper.  This is harder to pull off successfully but when you perfect the technique it does tend to focus the sparks better.

Corrosion can be a bit of a problem with ferro rods - especially in hot, humid climates or where the ferro rod is kept close to the skin.  A quick and easy solution to this is to paint the rod with nail polish - clear if you want it to look neutral or a more "exciting" color (such as red color) if you want to make it easier to find if you drop it outdoors!  The surface coating doesn't affect the performance of the ferro rod as far as the amount of sparks it generates but you do have to keep on applying the nail polish though. Suggest getting two rods, one to play with and one to keep in the survival kit, one is bigger diameter and another is smaller diameter to save your money.

As well as keeping an eye on your rods for corrosion, take care not to drop them onto hard ground as they can break (although they can still be used).

You do need to remember to practice with your ferro rod before you need to rely on it!

Trade names:  flintsteel, flint steel, fire steel, flint and steel, fire and steel, artificial flint rods, auer metal, Blastmatch, Blastmatch firesteel, blast match, Camping flints, cer iron, Cerium flint, Cerium Mischmetal striking flint, cerium iron rods, cerium iron rod, Ferrocerium, Ferro-Cerium, Ferrocerium based fire-starter, Ferrocerium firestarter, Ferro mischmetal, Ferrocerium rod, ferrocerium rods, ferrocerium flint for light fire, Ferrocerium sticks, Ferro Cerium rod, ferrocium rods, ferro rod, iron rod, ferro rods, iron rods, Fire-Flint and Steel, Fire Steel, Firesteel, Fire and steel fire starter, Fire & Steel, Firesteels, Fire steels, Fire steel striker, Flint firestarter, Flint fire starter, Firestarter sticks, flint fire-starting, firestrikers, fire strikers, fire striker, fire starter rods, firesteel rod,  firesteel rods, firesteel sticks, firesteel stick, Flint, lighter flint, flints, Flint rod, lighter flints, flint rods, flint sticks, flint bar,  Flint fire starter, lighter flint misch metal (mesch metal), flint and steel bushcraft fire lighters, flint striker, Flint & steel, Flint and steel, flint n' steel, Flints & Steels, Flints and Steels, Magnesium-Ferrocerium Firestarter, Magnesium Ferrocerium Fire Starter, Magnesium Ferro Cerium Fire Starter, Magnesium campfire fire starter, Metal-Match, Metal-Matches, Metal match, metal match stick, metal match rod, match stick, match rod, Misch metal rods, Ultimate Survival Blast Match, Blast Match Fire Starter, Blast Match Flint Fire Starter, mischmetal rod, mischmetal rods, misch metal rod, mischmetal flints, mischmetal flint, Sparking rod, Sparking flint rods, Survival flints, survival fire starters, Swedish Army Firesteel Camping Camp Fire Starter, pyrophoric alloys, metal survival match, survival metal match, magnesium and steel, Emergency fire-starters, a pyrophoric alloy of iron with cerium; used for lighter flints, an alloy that emits sparks when struck or scratched with steel; used in lighter flints, raw flints, raw flint, flintstone, flint stone, magnesium alloy fire starter, magnesium alloy firestarter, Magnesium Flint Fire Starter, Camp Fire Starter, ignition steel fire starter, pyrophoric element, fire starting tool, etc.,

Typical size︰Size in Inch Size in MM Diameter/Thickness of Ferrocerium Firestarter Ferro Rod Blank
3/32" x 2" Ø2.38 x 50.8MM 3/32" or 6/64"
1/8" x 1" Ø3.17 x 25.4MM 1/8", 2/16", 4/32", 4/64"
1/8" x 2" Ø3.17 x 50.8MM 1/8", 2/16", 4/32", 4/64"
3/20" x 2" Ø3.81 x 50.8MM 3/20"
3/16" x 2" Ø4.76 x 50.8MM 3/16", 6/32", 12/64"
3/16" x 2 1/2" Ø4.76 x 63.5MM 3/16", 6/32", 12/64"
3/16" x 3" Ø4.76 x 76.2MM 3/16", 6/32", 12/64"
1/5" x 2 " Ø5.08 x 50.8MM 1/5"
1/5" x 2 1/2" Ø5.08 x 63.5MM 1/5"
1/5" x 3" Ø5.08 x 76.2MM 1/5"
15/64" x 2.37" Ø6 x 60MM 15/64"
15/64" x 4" Ø6 x 100MM 15/64"
1/4" x 2 " Ø6.35 x 50.8MM 1/4",2/8",4/16", 8/32",16/64"
1/4" x 2 1/2" Ø6.35 x 63.5MM 1/4",2/8",4/16", 8/32",16/64"
1/4" x 3" Ø6.35 x 76.2MM 1/4",2/8",4/16", 8/32",16/64"
1/4" x 4" Ø6.35 x 101.6MM 1/4",2/8",4/16", 8/32",16/64"
5/16" x 2.37" Ø8 x 60MM 5/16", 10/32, 20/64"
5/16" x 3.15" Ø8 x 80MM 5/16", 10/32, 20/64"
5/16" x 4" Ø8 x 100MM 5/16", 10/32, 20/64"
23/64" x 3.15" Ø9 x 80MM 23/64"
3/8" x 2" Ø9.52 x 50.8MM 3/8", 6/16", 12/32", 24/64"
3/8" x 2 1/2" Ø9.52 x 63.5MM 3/8", 6/16", 12/32", 24/64"
3/8" x 3" Ø9.52 x 76.2MM 3/8", 6/16", 12/32", 24/64"
3/8" x 4" Ø9.52 x 101.6MM 3/8", 6/16", 12/32", 24/64"
3/8" x 5" Ø9.52 x 127MM 3/8", 6/16", 12/32", 24/64"
3/8" x 6" Ø9.52 x 152.4MM 3/8", 6/16", 12/32", 24/64"
2/5" x 4" Ø10 x 100MM 2/5"
7/16" x 3.15" Ø11 x 80MM 7/16", 14/32", 28/64"
1/2" x 2" Ø12.7 x 50.8MM 1/2",4/8",8/16",16/32",32/64"
1/2" x 2 1/2" Ø12.7 x 63.5MM 1/2",4/8",8/16",16/32",32/64"
1/2" x 3" Ø12.7 x 76.2MM 1/2",4/8",8/16",16/32",32/64"
1/2" x 4" Ø12.7 x 101.6MM 1/2",4/8",8/16",16/32",32/64"
1/2" x 5" Ø12.7 x 127MM 1/2",4/8",8/16",16/32",32/64"
1/2" x 6" Ø12.7 x 152.4MM 1/2",4/8",8/16",16/32",32/64"
1/2" x 12" Ø12.7 x 304.8MM 1/2",4/8",8/16",16/32",32/64"
23/32" x 5.1" Ø18 x 130MM 23/32",46/64"
3/4" x 12" Ø19.05 x 304.8MM 3/4,6/8,12/16",24/32",48/64"
51/64" x 6" Ø20 x 152.40MM 51/64"
1" x 6" Ø25.4 x 152.4MM 16/16", 32/32", 64/64"
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