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FerroCerium alloy rod - Ferrocerium Flints

  • FerroCerium alloy rod - Ferrocerium Flints
  • FerroCerium alloy rod - Ferrocerium Flints
  • FerroCerium alloy rod - Ferrocerium Flints
Brand Name︰jxmetals
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description

FerroCerium Mischmetal alloy is Ferrocerium and other pyrophoric alloys in all forms incl. ferro-cerium & pyrophoric alloys cut to shape, for immediate use and other ferro-cerium & pyrophoric alloys, also used as the alloying additives of Ferro Silicon Magnesium(FeSiMg) or Magnesium Ferro Silicon(MgFeSi), a nodulariser / nodulizer used in manufacturing ductile iron foundry,  the nodularisers are added to molten ductile iron base metal to alter the growth of the graphite from flakes to nodules and thereby transforming the iron from grey to ductile.    Preproduction sample is highly recommended. Buyers are responsible for production accuracy if ordered without prior sample request !

The required composition and information on ingredients:
Composition      %   CAS No.   EINECS No.
Mischmetal >76%Min.        
Fe   18-21%   7439-89-6   2310964
Mg   1.8-4.0%   7439-95-4   2311046

Typical size:  Ø2.30mm Diameter  x 6.0mm Length approx. in small cylinder.

Trade names: mischmetal, alloying addtive of FeSiMg,  Lanthanum rich mischmetal Cerio Mischmetal   CeMM    MISCH metal   Mischmetall Misch Metal mishmetal, Less-Mg Misch Metal   Re mischmetal Rare Earth/misch metal   Cerium(Mischmetal) Cerium Misch Metal   CER-mischmetall  Cerium (Misch) Metal   Cerium Mischmetall Cerio-Mischmetal   Ce-mischmetall Ce, mischmetal   Cer MM  Ce. Mischmetal   Mm=Mischmetall  Ce Mischmetal alloys   Ce/Fe-Mischmetall MM   El Mischmetal  Mg-Zn-Misch metal alloys   Cerium rich Mischmetal  Cerium Mischmetall   High Cerium Mischmetal      Mischmetall   Rare earth metals ( Mischmetal ) CER-Mischmetall   rare earth metals/mischmetal CerMM   Ce-rich mischmetal Cer Mischmetal   La-rich mischmetal Cerium-rich mischmetal   El Mischmetal es una aleación Ce-Mischmetall   Cerium MM Cereisen   Cerium mishmetal Mischmetal(Rare Earths)   Mixed rare earth metals  michmetal   Misch metal (sometimes called Cereisen in German) Ln Mischmetal 50% Cerium   Ce Mischmetal (alloying, deoxidizing and desulphurizing agent) Lanthanide mischmetal   lanthanide (rare earth) metals  mixed metals    pyrophoric alloy rare earth mischmetal   mischmetal alloy  High Nd mischmetal   Mischmetal (lanthanide-iron-silicon)   praseodimio   Lanthaan néodyme  lanthane  Neodym     Lanthan neodimio  lantanio  praséodyme lantano  Praseodym Lantan ., rare earths, cerium metal, lanthanum metal, praseodymium metal, neodymium metal, auermetall, auermetal (cer/iron), auermetall rod, auermetall stick, artificial flint rods, Blastmatch, Blastmatch firesteel, blast match, Camping flints, Cerium flint, Cerium Mischmetal striking flint, cerium iron rods, cerium iron rod, Ferrocerium, Ferro-Cerium, Ferrocerium Auermetall, Ferrocerium based fire-starter, Ferrocerium firestarter, Ferro mischmetal, Ferrocerium rod, ferrocerium rods, Ferrocerium sticks, Ferro Cerium rod, ferrocium rods, ferro rod, iron rod, ferro rods, iron rods, Fire-Flint and Steel, Fire Steel, Firesteel, Fire and steel fire starter, Fire & Steel, Firesteels, Fire steels, Fire steel striker, Flint firestarter, Flint fire starter, Firestarter sticks, flint fire-starting, firestrikers, fire strikers, fire striker, fire starter rods, firesteel rod,  firesteel rods, firesteel sticks, firesteel stick, Flint, lighter flint, flints, Flint rod, lighter flints, flint rods, flint sticks, flint bar,  Flint fire starter, lighter flint misch metal (mesch metal), flint and steel bushcraft fire lighters, flint striker, Flint & steel, Flint and steel, flint n' steel, Flints & Steels, Flints and Steels, Magnesium-Ferrocerium Firestarter, Magnesium Ferrocerium Fire Starter, Magnesium Ferro Cerium Fire Starter, Magnesium campfire fire starter, Metal-Match, Metal-Matches, Metal match, Misch metal rods, Ultimate Survival Blast Match, Blast Match Fire Starter, Blast Match Flint Fire Starter, mischmetal rod, mischmetal rods, misch metal rod, mischmetal flints, mischmetal flint, Sparking rod, Sparking flint rods, Survival flints, survival fire starters, Swedish Army Firesteel Camping Camp Fire Starter, pyrophoric alloys, etc.,

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